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Overall Width - 96 in.

Height - 7 ft. 4 in.

Overall Length - 12 ft. 9 in.

Jack - 7000 Lb. Drop Foot

Turntable Spindle -5200Lb.  W/ Std. Bearings

6 Fixed Supports Outside

GVWR - 5080 lbs

Capacity - 2660 lbs

Empty Weight - 1640 lbs

2 in. Pipe Maximum

Frame - 5 inch Channel

Coupler - Pintle Eye - Adjustable Height

Tires - ST225/75R15 LRD

15 in. MOD Wheels

Electric Brakes

Suspension - Leaf

Turntable - 96" W/4 Roller Supports

Max. Coil OD - 96 in.

Min. Coil ID - 43 1/2 in.

Max. Coil ID - 50 in.

4 Adjustable Supports Inside

Protected LED Lights

Available Options

Optional 2” LineTamer® (LT0122)

Optional 2” LineTamer® Mount (LTM1)

Optional Turntable Brake (TB2)

Optional Hydraulic Tilt (HT1)

Check out the McElroy website below for more information on their LineTamer®.


McElroy LineTamer® Models


Streamline Pipe Straightening with a McElroy LineTamer® and an SMP Trailer

CT1143TT with HT1, TB2, LTM1 and LT0122 Options.jpg
CT1143TT with HT1 and TB2 Options.jpg

Optional Hydraulic Tilt (HT1), Optional Turntable Brake (TB2), Optional 2” LineTamer® (LT0122) and Optional 2” Mount (LTM1)

Optional Turntable Brake (TB2)


Optional Hydraulic Tilt (HT1), 

Optional 2” LineTamer® (LT0122) and Optional 2” Mount (LTM1)

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